Tech Stress Relief
Newsletter 102
July, 2017
 Slow Computer?
As always backup all critical files first:
                   (Don't have a backup- We can provide one)

1. Clean up the disk.  To open Disk Cleanup click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Disk Cleanup.  After it runs choose those items such as recycle, Temporary internet Files, Temporary Offline Files. I do not recommend compressing old files.

 2.  Uninstall unneeded programs (especially those that run at startup and/or put something in the system tray. Anything in your System Tray is running in the background using memory and CPU.  Weather Bug is notorious for slowing down a computer.  Also remove programs that might be for printers or devices you no longer have.

Wolff Pro is pleased to announce that we are partnered in a special program with DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc.  Has your hard drive failed completely.
Take advantage of these special benefits:
* 10% discount off professional data recovery fees
* No Data—No Charge policy if data is unrecoverable. * Fastest turnaround time —24 to 48 hours!
* Remember-  Backup is a lot cheaper than data recovery. 

                       Click Here:  DriveSavers

We look forward to helping you in the future. Please send any questions you may have- asking for help is always free!
Thomas Wolff MCSE, A+
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